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Metal-Core Technologies is your go-to partner in precision metal forming and assembly. While our name is new, we will continue to produce top-tier metal components and systems in the shortest amount of time, at the most competitive cost – just as we have for more than 15 years.

Who We Are

Progressive Tooling

We provide precision metal forming utilizing progressive tooling in presses up to 400 tons with bed sizes up to 122 inches.

Metal Stamping Services

Precision Metal Forming & Assembly

We provide expertise in precision metal forming and assembly for products that are integral to successful vehicle and industrial solutions with a focus on the safety systems, interiors, and powertrain segments of our key markets.

Metal Forming Services

Expertise and Solutions

As masters of our craft, we invest in comprehensive training and technical development to ensure we have the exact right skills to meet your increasingly diverse business needs.

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At Metal-Core Technologies,

we have the creativity, experience, resources, and know-how to help our customers solve challenging problems in precision metal forming and assembly, regardless of complexity. Equipped with modern manufacturing technologies, we dependably deliver metal forming projects to exacting standards, on time, every time.

When you choose Metal-Core, you can be certain that high quality, service, innovation, and operational excellence come standard every single day. More agile than most, Metal-Core customers enjoy our unrivaled flexibility and seamless adaptability when project pivots arise.

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Who we are
Metal-Core Technologies offers precision metal forming and metal assembly for the automotive and industrial sectors with a focus on safety systems and powertrains.

The Industries We Serve

At Metal-Core Technologies, quality, service, and operational excellence come standard every single day. Partnering with OEMs and Tier I suppliers in the transportation, industrial, and automotive sectors, we work to meet every customer need, regardless of size or specificity, and possess the creativity, experience, resources, and know-how to solve any problem with precision.


Metal-Core Technologies is your go-to partner for stabilizer bars, brackets, clips, welded brackets, pick up rings, covers, and numerous other components. Metal-Core Technologies knows what it takes for these applications.


Metal-Core Technologies is a proven supplier for interior applications on seats, visors, mirrors, consoles, doors, and electronics. We can partner in making your interior applications a huge success.

Safety Systems

Safety comes first at Metal-Core Technologies, and we use this passion to supply key safety components for seat belts, air bags, side mirrors, and other critical safety components.


Metal-Core Technologies has the experience supporting industrial clients with a wide variety of precision formed parts and assemblies in high-, medium- and low-volume applications. We have the expertise and skills to support customers' complex needs.

Tool Transfer

Metal-Core Technologies has extensive experience in tool transfer programs. From early analysis of current production parts versus the current prints to timely and detailed PPAP delivery our experienced and knowledgeable tool and die associates will provide a flawless transition to your tool transfer projects.

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