Precision Metal Forming & Assembly

Metal-Core Technologies offers expertise in precision metal forming & assembly, as indicated by this image.
Metal-Core Technologies offers expertise in precision metal forming and assembly. Quality, service, and operational excellence come standard every single day.

Partnering with OEMs and Tier I suppliers in the transportation, industrial, and automotive sectors, we work to meet every customer’s needs in stampings, wire forming, and assemblies regardless of size or specificity. We possess the creativity, experience, resources, and know-how to solve any problem with precision.

Highlights of Our Precision Metal Forming & Assy Capabilities

We specialize in key products that are integral to successful vehicle executions. Following are some of our many precision metal forming & ASSY capabilities.

Safety Systems

  • Airbag
  • Mirror
  • Steering wheel
  • Seat belt components


  • Seating systems
  • Visor
  • Display/cockpit
  • Armrest
  • Grab handles components

Engine & Drivelines

  • ECU plates
  • Brackets
  • Valve body components
  • Detent springs
  • Retainer clips
Outstanding Service & Support

Metal-Core Technologies boasts one of the industry’s most skilled and knowledgeable workforces. More agile than most, our team has the unrivaled ability to be flexible, supportive, and seamlessly adaptive whenever and however project changes arise.

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