Metal-Core Technologies Products

Serving industrial and automotive industries, we assist with safety products for vehicles such as seat belts, airbags, and side mirrors.

Our Solutions

If you need precision metal forming and assembly, you can count on Metal-Core Technologies to complete your projects on time and to your specifications according to the highest standards. We produce reliable, top-tier metal components and systems quickly to ensure you can meet your customers’ needs and your own deadlines.

Serving industrial and automotive industries and more, Metal-Core Technologies is proud to provide a wide range of safety products for vehicles such as seat belts, airbags, side mirrors, and other critical components, as well as seats, visors, doors, and electronics.

Metal-Core Technologies is also a trusted local manufacturer of stabilizer bars, brackets, clips, welded brackets, pickup rings, covers, and more for the industrial industry.

Our highly skilled, talented team is dedicated to developing the best precision formed parts and assemblies in high-, medium-, and low-volume applications. Contact us to learn more about how our products can support your complex assembly needs.

Safety Systems

Safety Systems demand precision formed and assembled parts and Metal-Core Technologies delivers. Working closely with our Tier I Partners, Metal-Core Technologies manufactures critical components for the vehicle safety systems that are utilized in airbags, seatbelts, and steering wheel applications. Metal-Core Technologies leverages its deep process and tooling know-how to ensure these critical components are manufactured to the exacting standards required to be part of the vehicles safety systems.

Our metal forming and assembly company offers product solutions for vehicle safety systems.


Metal-Core Technologies is the partner of choice for supplying key interior components such as interlocking headrest stays, assembled center console support brackets and precision parts for seat adjustment systems to the major Tier I Interiors suppliers. With stamping, four-slide, multi-slide, and secondary process and assembly capabilities, Metal-Core Technologies can deliver precision formed parts to meet the most challenging interior applications.

Our product solutions include metal forming and assembly for vehicle interiors.


Powertrain applications demand strength, reliability, and longevity and Metal-Core Technologies meets these demands daily in both automotive and commercial vehicle applications. From in-die copper inserted brackets to brackets securing fuel lines to guards protecting those fuel lines, Metal-Core Technologies has the expertise to support our customers powertrain needs. Metal-Core Technologies has the ability to utilize high carbon heat treated steel to form precision parts for engine and transmission applications for our customers most exacting needs.

Our product solutions for the metal forming and assembly industry include powertrain parts.


Metal-Core Technologies takes great pride in supporting the American electrical and construction supply market with Made in America products. Metal-Core Technologies applies its know-how from providing precision components in the mobility market to developing robust processes for industrial applications that meet the needs of our customers at a competitive cost.

Our product solutions include metal forming and assembly for the industrial industry.

Tool Transfer

Metal-Core Technologies has extensive experience in tool transfer programs. From early analysis of current production parts versus the current prints to timely and detailed PPAP delivery our experienced and knowledgeable tool and die associates will provide a flawless transition to your tool transfer projects.

Our product solutions include metal forming and assembly for the industrial industry.